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Steps for MEKKI Chrome

       1) Remove all impurities and grease
   (We recommend Nokomis a strong grease removal made in Japan)

      2) Apply an undercoat film
      3) Dry your object at about 80°C.
      4) Activator

      5) Wash your surface with a special pure water

      6) Apply the actual chrome film ( a mix of 3 substances)
      7) Wash again with a special pure water
      8) Rinsing with a special solution (diferent from distilated water)
      9) Wash again
      10) Air-dry it using using compressed air and than dry it at about 50-80°C.
      11) Apply the topcoat film
      12) Dry it at about 80°C. (drying time and temperature depends on objects size)

**If you wish to apply a color to your chromed object you must apply it before the topcoat.

***We provide you all the necesary solutions: undercoat, activator, special pure water, special chrome solution, rinse, topcoat and color pigments.

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