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 Using MEKKI Chrome, can I chrome car parts like: bumper, fender, grill, bonnet?
Yes, you can chrome almost all exterior and interior car parts, as long as the material is steel, plastic, FRP, aluminium.
q Can I chrome my whole car?
a Yes, you can also chrome your whole car too, depending on your booth sizes.
q Can I chrome it on surfaces like: wood, banboo, ceramics?
a Yes, now using MEKKI chrome you can chrome almost any surface.
q Can I chrome an engine tappet cover?
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a If the temperature dosen`t increase over 150 degrees Celsius you can chrome it without any problem, you can also color chrome it.
q If I came to Japan can I see you system and how you use it?
a We recommend you to come to Japan and see it for yourself, and if you decide to purchase it we can also train you.
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