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set_chroming   Large surfaces!!
-Not only that you can chrome anything, but now you can chrome large surfaces too. For example your car 100% chrome!!!
  Any surface!!
You can apply on any material: wood, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, polystyrene, cement, metal, plastic, iron, etc.
  Any color chrome!!
-Our system it is available in all colors(glod, silver, bronze, brass, red. green, blue, violet, pink, brown, orange,etc.)
  Applicable sectors:
-automobile and bike(parts and accessories), motor sport, decoration, leisure, hobby, signs, advertising, etc.
  -Unlike the highly toxic old plating technique, the new MEKKI Chrome Plating has no enviromental bad influence. It won`t harm the person who uses it or the environment.
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contact   MEKKI Chrome is a water-based system that can give you a beautiful mirror-look for your surfaces. MEKKI Chrome can produce a real metal plating even on surfaces that couldn`t be plated until now(wood, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, polystyrene, cement, metal, plastic, iron, etc.). The new thing about MEKKI Chrome is that we use a unique 3 air distributors gun and a 3 substance mix that allow you to chrome large surfaces and have a more beautiful mirror-look.
  With MEKKI Chrome Plating you have high quality at low costs, but this is not all, MEKKI is also an ecological system which is not using toxic material and will not harm the person who is using it or the environment, unlike the old chrome plating systems and techniques. The membrane`s composition is 99,9% Silver Nitrate (AgNO3). 
   Comparation with other thechniques
  environment interaction raw materials interaction; cost
Resin Plating x x
Deposition 0 0
Mekki Plating - - -


   Item`s testing procedure:

item test procedure contents
second base
adhesion 92/100
Petrol resistance petrol 23℃:0.5h exterior/adhesion 0
5 rounds with Xylol gauze exterior 0
Water resistance water immersion23℃:24h exterior/adhesion 0
Solidity pencil hardness solidity level H
Color preservation
exterior 0
Polishing resistance
5 rounds with wax gauze
exterior 0
Heat-resistant color
peeling/ exterior
Resistance to gasoline
gasoline dipping: 2 minutes peeling/ exterior 0
Grease-resistant 1g grease coating: 1h peeling/ exterior 0
Thermal repeatability (60℃×2h+-10℃×2h)×8 exterior/adhesion 0
Light resistance Fade-Ometer(200h) exterior/adhesion 0

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